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Since you made this game i'm sure you've done many speedruns on it and me and my friend have been speedrunning it and wre able to do it in 17 min 33 secs and we wondered how fast you can complete it in


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Sorry it took a while for me to reply I've been away for a week, I think the best time I usually get is around 20 mins, Idk I don't really time it. I honestly didn't think anyone would speed run it. its also nice to know someone actually reached the end.

kk thx

i have tried everything but i can't get the second player in do i have to use a controler?

yes at least one controller is required for more than one player

Hi, I tried out the game and think the way you implemented the background was pretty awesome. I'm featuring CastleClysmic in this edition of "In Development". I would like to ask you a few questions about the project, where could I send them?

hi you can send them to

My short Gameplay ;)

Hi, I really like the quality of your game. The graphics and different types of enemies add alot to the fun. Your menu is also well handled :). 

Only that it's hard to differentiate between game layer and additional layers (feels like therer are too many foregrounds, backgrounds); the jump feels like overly precision based, I think it would feel better if he jumped a little bit over the platform and then land.

I would love if there were more characters to vary up the possible playstyles.