A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 2018 GMTK game jam.

You can find the full version here https://ostsenior.itch.io/rave-and-claw-full

A top down / twin stick shooter where you use a grappling hook instead of shooting and normal movement.

Kill all enemies in a level to win!

Use you're grapple to move to nearby walls, enemies and hook points, slamming your body into them to deal damage.

Made with unity, sprites made in Paint.net, sounds made with bfxr.net and music made with LMMS, all assets are made by me.

Play tested by Peter Bavage, Ellen Senior and Evie York

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Tags2D, one-button, Pixel Art, Short
AccessibilityOne button


RAVE and CLAW.zip 20 MB


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Really nice and smooth mechanics, slick presentation and great game feel. At times frustrating, some ironing out in the clicking mechanics. The projectile shooting enemies should not look spiky, I wasted a while trying to trick it into blowng itself up because I thought touching it would be bad. There's one level which, unlike the others that I cleared intuitively in one or two goes, I spent ages make little progress until I won it by accident (the crab monsters suicided). Kinks to be ironed out in a great little game.

Thanks for playing!

I have been working on this after the game jam, and I've already made the shooting enemies not spiky, and tried to make a system to predict what the player was clicking on. So hopefully the movement flows a bit better and people won't miss things so often.

Good stuff! The movement-highlighting prediction mechanic sounds like a fine choice as well. I'll keep an eye on this and look forward to future releases.

Made a video


Thanks for playing my game! As it was made for a 48 hour game jam its very short, but I am working on making a longer version. 

Happy to hear you like it!

I can't download from the itch app, since it's not marked as available from windows. :(

Guess I'll play from the .exe

Sorry I have no idea what I'm doing with itchio, I think it's marked as available for windows now.

It works now!



good game it needs more lvls tho

I die as soon as I hit Start... am I missing something?

If you press escape it kills you, so maybe your keyboard is stuck? that's the only reason I can think of right now.

best game i have played 

That screenshake just does it for me, wow. Art style, sound design and level pacing is top notch, and just very addicting overall. Port this to mobile immediately!