A downloadable game for Windows

The extended version of a game I made for the 2018 GMTK game jam.

A fast passed top down grappler with tactile combat and satisfying movement.

Use you're grapple to move to nearby walls,hook points and enemies, slamming your body into them to deal damage.

Made with unity, sprites made in Paint.net, sounds made with bfxr.net and music made with LMMS.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Tagsone-button, one-hit-kill, Pixel Art, Short
AccessibilityOne button


RAVE and CLAW.zip 27 MB


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This game is really cool and the sandboy mode was really fun. The three different themes are all qunique and cool :D

i hope this will be on mobile


its been 2 years

I did start making a mobile port, but It was my first ever attempt at porting so it didn't work very well. I am currently working on something that will be released on mobile, so hopefully I can learn from that when I try again, but that won't be for at least another few years.

This'd make the perfect mobile game

I know

This game is really good! You have the perfect dual purpose mechanic, and you nailed the feel. I agree with Blackthornprod, add some more levels, maybe a couple more features (bonus modes, costumes, etc.) and you could sell this on steam. I know I'd buy it!

I'm not planning on doing much more with this game right now, I'm well underway with a new project. But maybe I'll come back to it in the future, people seem to want me to put it on mobile, so I'll try to learn how to do that.


This is absolutely fantastic :) !!! Seriously this game could be sold on Steam if you added more content ! More levels, boss encounters, options to customize the cute little player character !

Have you tried turning this into a roguelike ? Half randomly generated half hand crafted (like in Mark Brown's video on Spelunky), with rooms that you design but that are randomly connected to each other and have a few random elements !

Anyway great job :) !! This was a really inspiring piece !

Made a video

I missed this right after the jam, but damn is it fun! Such a simple idea, but it's effin hard too.  The level progression does a good job of teaching the subtleties of the mechanic too.

Hi, thanks for playing!

I didn't mean for it to be so tricky, but glad you had fun anyway!

Amazing game jam game! Really good feeling when playing.

Thanks for playing!

Just to clarify this is the version I worked on after the game jam, the original version is on my itch.io page.