A downloadable game

Use your bow to combo your way to the highest score possible!

Getting killed turned you into a ghost, you slowly float off screen and have a chance to revive by shooting targets.

killing enemies spawns a ghost that slowly moves up,  catching a ghost gives you ammo and a score multiplier.

Getting ghosts puts you at risk because the higher up the screen you are you will have less time to hit all the targets.

Made in Unity.

Music was made in LMMS.

Some sounds made on Bfxr.net,  others were recorded my self.

All assets made by myself.

Install instructions

Extract the file and run.


Super Funky Light Show.zip 25 MB


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awesome game man!

can you PLEASE share the OST somewhere?

it's haunting me down every day in my head!

Here you go , just for you:



thank you!

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love the game ... powerups would be fun addition giving some variety in gameplay though